Future Great City Podcast

From Alex Ihnen and NextSTL.com, it’s the Future Great City Podcast!

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Why “Future Great City”? First, we should always strive to be a great city, the next future great city. It’s up to us to define what that means. The title is from perhaps the most enthusiastic booster St. Louis has ever known. Uriah Reavis published “Saint Louis – The Future Great City of the World” in 1875, proclaiming the city destined for greatness. The decades to follow gave some reason to believe he was right. He saw St. Louis as the natural capital of North American and lobbied for the nation’s capitol to relocate here from Washington, D.C.

Today, cities are measured by more than population growth. The value placed on “liveability”, “walkability”, cultural assets, housing cost, and more provide a different lens through which to view where we live. What makes a great city is as undefined as it is varied. The discussion will span the diverse topics covered by this site, seeking to place St. Louis in the context of American urbanism and global cities.

Join us twice a month for conversations with the people shaping St Louis today.