Welcome Thru Effingham

Sketchpad Comedy presents

Welcome Thru Effingham, Season Three!

The only radio show dedicated to listening in on conversations and reenacting moments from the town known as the “Crossroads of America,” with your host and maestro Todd Hammers. Let’s start the show!

St. Louis’s original sketch comedy podcast, created by Sketchpad Comedy, produced by Hugmonster Sound!

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STL SketchPOD is a sketch comedy podcast written and performed by writers from St. Louis, MO. Each episode features a rotating crew of writers and producers of STL SketchPAD, the only monthly live sketch comedy show in St. Louis. For extras including bloopers, insights into each episode, and explanations of why we think things are funny, find us at stlsketchpad.com/podcast or holler at us @STLSketchPAD on Twitter. If you are interested in being on the podcast please contact us. It’s the internet, you can figure out how (we believe in you).

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